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Before contacting us about a dog or a puppy, please READ everything on this page.

I only place already SPAYED/NEUTERED Dogs as pets, no exceptions, the pets leave me, already fixed.

I do not sell breeding stock, the only intact dogs I place are show prospects.

At Fantasia, we are passionate about producing top quality puppies that FIT the breed standard. We are proud in breeding correct dogs whether they are representing us in the show ring or in being loved as a family pet. We do not have imperial, empress, princess, teacup, whatever type of Shih Tzu or Maltese. There is ONLY 1 kind of Shih Tzu or Maltese,  The one described in the breed standard.

The Shih Tzu is our main breed and that is what we are most known for, we might occasionally have a Maltese litter now and then as we foray into the Maltese breed.

All our babies are raised in our home, loved and cared for since birth in a very clean environment, they are all up to date on deworming, shots, etc. Most puppies DO NOT leave our home until at least 16 weeks of age, when they have had all their shots and no longer need their mother.

ALL pets leave me already spayed/neutered. So I take care of them after surgery, and all, all you have to do is take your new puppy home and enjoy. They will not need shots until next year. As their shots are complete when they leave.

We DO NOT ship our dogs cargo, if you want a Shih Tzu from us from overseas we will arrange a pet nanny, if you live in the Philippines, you have to be in Metro Manila to have one of our babies as the airlines in Philippines does not allow dogs under the seat and PAL has banned shih tzu from cargo - I used to be ok with the 4am flight to Davao as it arrives at 6am before the sun comes up.

If you are interested in one of our babies, send us an email and please state your name, address, what you want the shih tzu for etc.

If you have one of our babies, please keep in touch! We love to hear about our babies and seeing new photos.

Our babies live in the Philippines, United States. Mexico, Europe, Puerto Rico, Russia, etc.


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