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Our Girls

These girls are either bred by us or owned by us. Some still live here, some are with their new owners, some have gone on to the rainbow bridge. These is not a complete list of our girls...

Champion Rana

Multiple BEST IN SHOW / Multiple BEST PHILIPPINE BORN IN SHOW Philippine Champion / Grand Champion / HALL OF FAME Fantasia Wild Is My Heart Dam of Multi Champions including American Champions

Champion Veronica

BEST IN SHOW Philippine Grand Champion and Canadian Champion Anjuli's The Courtesan - Multi Champion Producer

Champion Windy

BEST PHILIPPINE BORN IN SHOW / Multi R BEST IN SHOW Philippine Champion Fantasia Whispering Wind

Champion Summer

Philippine Champion Fantasia Hot Sultry Summer - Multi BOB from the classes

Champion Ronnie

American Champion / Canadian Champion / Puerto Rican Champion Fantasia Veronicas Girl

Champion Rhianna

R BEST IN SHOW Malaysian Grand Champion Fantasia Wild Is D Heart

Champion Marlene

R BEST IN SHOW Philippine Champion Fantasia Extra Sensational

Champion Helen

Multi BOB and Group Winner from the Classes Philippine Champion Fantasia Cause I'm Perfect

Champion Glitzy

Philippine Champion Fantasia Glamour and Glitz - the FIRST Solid Gold Philippine Champion.

Champion Flame

Philippine Champion Fantasia Wild Flaming Luv - one of an ALL champion litter

Champion Fifi

Philippine Champion Fantasia Silk and Lace

Champion Dara

Best Baby Puppy In Specialty Show / Multi Group Winner Philippine Grand Champion Fantasia's Spun Silk N Sugar

Champion Blossom

BOB and BIG from the classes Philippine Champion Fantasia Depth Of My Desire.

Champion Eve

Philippine Champion Fantasia Devil's Angel - the first Philippine bred solid black to finish Philippine Championship.

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