Our Kennel

Our dogs all live in our home, indoors. The dogs are part of the family, many of them have free run of the house and many sleep in our room with us. We also have 8 cats all rescued and 2 rescued aspins in the house, The 2 rooms we call "kennel" are actually just rooms in our house with bathing, drying, grooming areas.

Our kennel areas are airconditioned 24/7.

Below is a video of our main kennel area. We have another area for newly whelped puppies, and puppies being raised for the show ring.

Note: We live in a third world country which means we cannot place our older dogs in homes, so we keep all our dogs forever and we keep a lot of pet puppies, as it is very hard to find decent pet homes that want a spayed/neutered dog. Most people here want a pet they can breed, but we believe only dogs good enough to be shown should be bred from.

Below is our Maltese area, we ONLY pen our dogs to sleep, they are out the rest of the day running around and exercising. The only dogs penned whole are those who are in season, so we do not have accidents.

Maltese unlike Shih Tzu have to be penned to sleep or you will never get any sleep.

As you can see they are really pissed as I was supposed to let them out as soon as I got in but I was busy filming.

Updated Kennel Videos

Below,  I will share with you some photos of the snacks we keep on hand as we live in the Philippines and stock up in the USA. Also Purina Pro Plan to prevent DCM, which is unavailable here and we buy in the USA. We feed Purina Pro Plan or Royal Canin. Which we mix with 5-6 kilos of meat daily.

Tel. +63 9950287772  I  Cheryllann@fantasiashihtzu.com

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