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Our Kennel

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Our dogs all live in our home, indoors. The dogs are part of the family, many of them have free run of the house and many sleep in our room with us. We also have 8 cats all rescued and 2 rescued aspins in the house, The room we call "kennel" is actually just a room in our house with bathing, drying, grooming areas.

Our kennel areas are airconditioned 24/7.

Note: We live in a third world country which means we cannot place our older dogs in homes, so we keep all our dogs forever and we keep a lot of pet puppies, as it is very hard to find decent pet homes that want a spayed/neutered dog. Most people here want a pet they can breed, but we believe only dogs good enough to be shown should be bred from.

We have been owned by Shih Tzu since 1994 and went to our first show in the late 1990's. We have been actively showing our dogs until a few years ago and although based in the Philippines aside from Philippine Champions, Philippine Grand Champions, and Hall of Fame, we have bred American Champions, Canadian Champions, Russian Champions, Malaysian Champions, Mexican Champions, among others. Our Dogs can be found in many parts of the world as loving companions or as show dogs. To this day we still hold the record for the most American Champions bred by a Philippine Shih Tzu Kennel.


We have bred many BIS and BISS winners over the years, with limited breeding and showing. Our Black and White male was the first b/w shih tzu to win an FCI -Best In Show in the Philippines, a feat that has not been repeated.


We are no longer actively showing but we hope to be showing again in the near future. We do still breed to keep our lines. Our dogs live with us in our house and not in a separate kennel building.

Our Maltese are a recent foray, though we purchased 2 Maltese in the early 2000's that did not turn out well, but now we started with Maltese again in 2017.

We place our babies as spayed / neutered dogs in loving pet homes or intact in qualified show homes or breeder homes that share the same breeding practices that we do. Our dogs are used to cats as we have 8 rescued cats in our home.

Trophies won over the years


The Present Kennel 
We do not cage our dogs, only puppies who have not had all shots and dogs in season are penned. Our dogs are free all day and night. The cages are for DOGS IN SEASON so we do not have accidents and also for dogs that need  time out.

They usually like to stay in the kennel area as there is a/c  24/7.

In the evenings some of them like to go up the living room and dining room to see what we are eating and beg for some! They also take turns sleeping in our room. Many do not like to sleep with us as they go to bed quite early and we are still up at 5am and that pisses some dogs off, lol!

The old ones all sleep with us and are used to our schedule.

The dogs almost always have a human with them - the help during the day and we groom at night so we are with them all night until early morning. We also have cctv in the kennel area. The kennel is in our house and is not in a separate building. Once they go up the stairs they are in the living room. But since the Philippines is very hot, they prefer to stay in the kennel area where the a/c is on 24/7.

Some dogs enjoy going out and chasing our chickens, LOL!

Below,  I will share with you some photos of the snacks and food we keep on hand as we live in the Philippines and has to be imported from the United States

How our dogs are fed...

We do not believe in just feeding dog food as we believe it is unhealthy and would you want to eat the same thing day in and day out? We do send complete details on what we feed when we send a new dog home including food for a few weeks,

Yes we understand that some people will need to feed dog food for convenience and think it is more cost effective, but feeding raw is actually cheaper... The reason we still feed kibble and freeze dried raw and airdried food is because some clients prefer to feed that rather than raw. WE WILL NOT place a puppy with someone who will only feed dog food. If you feed dog food you must add FRESH meats and veggies. For your dog to live a long and healthy life.

Anyway... because we do place dogs all our dogs get dry food 24/7  - when we say dry food we mean a mixture that is 1/3 good quality dry dog food, 1/3 air dried dog food and 1/3 freeze dried raw food. We have food available 24/7 as we fear hypoglycemia. this dry mix is replenished as needed - photos below.

Ideally if you are too lazy to feed raw or homecooked. This Mix of 1/3 freeze dried, 1/3 kibble, and 1/3 air dried food is what you should feed mixed with meats and veggies, or just meats.

The dry food we make is not the same every batch is a different source of protein and we also switch brands around, but our dogs do not get diarrhea as this is just their snack and not main meal.

Adults are additionally fed 1 raw and 1 cooked meal a  day - you can easily buy premade raw dog food these days, here in the Philippines, and it usually costs between 110 a kilo to 200 a kilo. These are supposed to be balanced raw food and pre ground with meat , bone, organ meats, etc. Some dogs do not like raw food so some have cooked meats as some of the older dogs like over 10 years old started life out eating dog food and they do not like the texture of raw and will only eat cooked meats.  Since the raw food industry is unregulated in the Philippines and we are not sure what is in it, we do add Liver, Organ Meats, Ground Beef, etc to the diet.

We also feed raw meaty bones and chicken necks, sometimes cooked eggs...

Puppies are fed 2x a day with raw or homecooked food.

We find dogs that are on a raw and homecooked diet almost always do not stain and live very long lives. Our dogs live to 16 and sometimes 18years of age.

We do not take food away we have food available when they want it. We find that Shih Tzu and Maltese do better on many small meals a day rather than 1 huge meal a day.

If you have a dog from us - you get all the recipes we use and also bags of the food we feed the freeze dried raw and the raw.

Photos below:

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