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Our Maltese

We bought our first 2 Maltese in the early 2000 but that did not work out for us, so in 2017 we decided to try this breed again, and we purchased our dogs from Russia and Korea, and they were great, Ok, so Maltese are noisier than shih tzu but they are small, very energetic and very very cute.

Korean Import

Champion Jeep

Korean Champion Jeff Of Angela White KR

A very sweet boy, he is a fabulous 6.5 lb boy, he looks much bigger but is actually skinny.

Korean Import

Champion Juliet

Korean Champion Juliet of Angela White KR

BOB fand BOS from the classes.

Juliet or my baby Elephantine is my favorite Maltese, she is the largest I have and very shih tzu like.

If you follow the AKC standard she is too big but if you follow the FCI stanfdard then she is just right,

She loves her SNACKS and can eat all day long, loves her dried chicken breast the best. 

When she snacks a lot her weight obviously also goes up hehehe.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my baby Elephantine.

 Jonas of Angela White KR

Jonas, is my sweet baby girl. I went to Korea for a vacation, passed by my friend So Hyang's place and came home with a new Maltese.

Jonas,, is very smart and can go up and down 3 flights of stairs up to my bedroom.

Jonas, LOVES LOVES LOVES People and attention.

Vincent, hates all my Maltese but hates Jonas the most. Jonas knows how to avoid Mr Piggy so all is well.

Korean Import


Cow & Chicken

Cow and Chicken are cut down and are our housepets , they have free run of the house. They love to chase the cats and harassing my 2 rescue dogs who live in the living room. At night these 2 sleep with us in our room, they are very fun and very small around 4lbs. YES - they fit in a Birkin.

Russian Imports

SIRE: Russian Junior Champion / Russian Champion / RKF Champion / AZB Champion Oskar Pljus Miracle My Love Story

goes back to American Aria lines.

DAM: Oskar PlJus New Femme Fatale

goes back to Japanese lines


Little - this was before I figured out how to deal with staining

Little & Littleler

Little and Littleler are around 4-5lbs with Littleler being a wee bit smaller. They were the first Maltese I imported from Russia in 2017 at 6 months of age.

SIRE: Russian Junior Champion / Russian Champion / Turkish Champion / Best Dog-13,14, "WRussia","Eurasia", BLR WJW

Sunn De Lion Ustan Haver (a very famous dog that goes back to Chrisman Maltese in the USA)

DAM: Sun De Lion Soffi
who goes back to USA lines of Maltangel and Richelieu.


Russian Imports