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Philippine Grand Champion /Asia Africa and Oceania Champion / South East Asia Champion . Philippine Winner Crufts qualified for 2021

Jonas of Angela White Kr

The FIRST Maltese I ever showed myself for championship!

Jonas is a spoiled Mama'sgirl and she sleeps in my room on my bed and follows me everywhere, including the bathroom!

I LOVE my baby girl Jonas, she is my favorite!

Out Of:
Kor Ch Mina's Joypia Big Big World
Betsy Of Angela White KR

Korean Champion
Juliet of Angela White KR

Juliet, is my first female Champion Maltese. She LOVES to eat and does that all day long, hehehe. She is very smart and very brave and my aspins are afraid of her.

She ADORES me but is not friendly and trusting towards all like a shih tzu, hahaha. She is pretty suspicious of people she does not know.

She is out of
Korean Champion Mina's Joypia Big Big World
V-Bonita of Angela White Kr

Little and Littler

Little and Littler 

They are my first Maltese from Russia, they are very small and fit the AKC standard of 7lbs or less 4-6lbs preferred.. Yes they can fit in a Birkin with no issues.

Their parents are:

Russian Jr Champion, Russian Champion, Turkish Champion, Best Dog 13-14 W / and World Junior Winner Sunn De Lion Ustan Haver 0 he goes back to American Chrisman lines.


Sunn De Lion Soffi 
Soffi is champion sired and goes back to AMerican Richelieu and Maltangel lines.


Russian Junior Champion
Russian Champion
RKF Champion
AZB Champion
Oskar Pljus Miracle My Love Story (Goes back to American ARIA lines)

Oskar Pljus New Femme Fatale (Champion sired by Russian Jr Ch/ Russian Ch / BLR Ch Funny Ladies Bright Star)

Cow and Chicken

Cow and Chicken are the MOST FUN little pets you can ever hope to have,

SMALL but very feisty these 2 have free run of the house and sleep in my room, they have boundless energy and are VERY NOISY hahaha!

They never get tired of running, jumping, playing, and barking.

These 2 are very small and you can put them in a bag and carry them around with you as they weigh like nothing.

Small they are but they hold their own against my Shih tzu and my aspins and my cats! Yes the cats are bigger than they are!



Bebe is our imported little piggy from Korea. She absolutely LOVES to eat! And is busy snacking all day long.

out of

Mina's Joypia Big BIg World

Bridget of Angela White KR


Philippine Champion

Wildest Desires of Fantasia PH

Multi BOS from the classes.

Philippine Winner 2023

Korean Champion Jeff of Angela White KR (Korea)


Oskar Pljus Zyana (Russia)

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